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Smoked & Grilled/BBq Feasting menu


Gourmet BBQ Catering for All Diets 

Delight in our gourmet BBQ Feast, meticulously crafted to accommodate every dietary preference. Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, our menu is inclusive and tailored to suit a variety of dietary needs. We believe everyone should enjoy the full BBQ experience, replete with robust flavours and premium options.

Sustainably-Sourced Meats 


We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and quality, sourcing only the finest 100% British, grass-fed poultry, and farm-assured meats from our award-winning local butchers in Sussex and the surrounding counties. Our promise is to provide not just food, but a feast that's responsibly sourced and outstanding in flavour.

Personalised BBQ Menu Selections


Choose from an enticing selection of four or five signature BBQ dishes, each one presented on rustic wooden boards for that authentic touch. Our professional service team ensures that every dish, straight from the grill, is served to your guests at the peak of perfection, guaranteeing a dining experience where every bite speaks to the quality of our ingredients.
To explore our full range of BBQ catering options, click the PDF icon below to discover our detailed catering brochure.

Click the PDF Image below to view our new Catering Brochure

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