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Expert Film & TV Catering Solutions

Our catering expertise extends to the dynamic world of film and TV, where we've had the honour of serving on location for both TV series and cinematic productions. Our collaboration with top-tier production teams, casts, crews, and the many suppliers who make such shoots possible is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We take pride in providing nourishment that keeps the creative energy flowing on set, ensuring that from leading stars to the hardworking crew behind the scenes, everyone enjoys top-quality culinary delights.

Mobile Kitchen Flexibility for On-Location Shoots

Roasted Catering’s mobile kitchen delivers versatile cuisine types, styles of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We cater to various on-site demands, from bustling city locations to secluded rural settings, bringing our high-standard catering directly to you. Our experienced team is adept at working in diverse environments, ensuring that even in the remotest of locations across the UK, your production crew will have access to freshly prepared, delicious meals. With the capacity to handle last-minute calls and budget constraints, we are your go-to on-location catering solution.

Need to align our services with your specific project? Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements, and we'll demonstrate how we can best support your shoot.

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