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Craft Catering

Craft Catering


If you are looking for experts in craft catering, look no further than Roasted Catering for the best in creative and professional services. Our portfolio includes some of the top names in the industry, which is down to a culmination of our team’s hard work ethic, our beautifully-crafted menus, and of course, our premium-quality food which we let speak for itself. We offer a range of recipes, throwing in some traditional favourites along the way to mix things up. Where possible, we locally source our ingredients to ensure fresh flavours all round. Whatever setting you’re looking to hire our craft catering service for, whether it be film and TV location shoots, weddings, parties or your upcoming corporate event, our team of professional caterers are prepped and ready to take on any challenge. 

Specialists in Craft Catering

Roasted Catering are specialists in craft catering. When choosing a catering choice, the endless options can be daunting and time-consuming. Our extensive menu that accommodates even the fussiest of eaters is the answer to all your catering needs. Have guests and staff sufficiently fed with our mouthwatering cuisine, all day long. With years of experience as top-ranking craft caterers working up and down the country, there’s really no limit to the abilities of our catering service. However there’s always room for improvement and we’re constantly striving to better our services, and make them even more adaptable to your needs. As specialists in craft catering, we’re here to listen, learn and accommodate.  

Why Choose our Craft Catering Service?

What’s a party without food? Or a work event without a savvy catering option to break the ice? Choosing a catering service that fits everybody's expectations is not the easiest of tasks. However, we've created menus to do just that. Make your event a memorable one with our professional craft catering service, delivered by our specialist team of professionals who are as passionate about great-tasting food as it gets! Feel confident in your catering choice, with Roasted Catering’s expert craft catering service.

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