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Film Catering

Film Catering

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If you are looking for experts in film catering, look no further than Roasted Catering for the best in creative and professional services. We take pride in the efficiency of our mobile catering service, and have made a name for ourselves in the industry as the go-to catering company offering a standout menu featuring your favourite food options. Our impeccable and unmatched service is a culmination of the hard work ethic and creative flair of our award winning chefs, and our team of dependable servers who are confident to take on any project required by your production company. There’s nobody quite as dependable and experienced at providing a supreme film catering service, than Roasted Catering.


Specialists in Film Catering

Roasted Catering are specialists in film catering. We understand your needs for an easy catering solution to help the cast and crew get through long hours, and energise after those gruelling early starts. We’ve worked with all of the key players at the very top of the film and TV industry. We’ve acquired these opportunities to grow as a business because of our people-centred menus, freshly sourced ingredients and above all else, our strong and professional team. When it comes to being an expert film caterer, over-preparation and over-estimation are key to ensuring there’s no hiccups throughout the day. As specialists in film catering, we’re well-equipped to deal with the fast-paced nature of the filming industry, and ensure your team is 100% satisfied with your chosen catering solution. 

Why Choose our Film Catering Service?

At Roasted Catering, we like to keep things fresh and energising, and our team of chefs and servers are constantly looking at ways to enhance the services we provide in light of feedback from our valued clients. As avid listeners to your needs, basic dietary requirements and detailed schedules, you can depend on our professional film catering service that will keep your cast and crew fired up on some hot and delicious tasting food, all day long! Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three, we’re here to cater to your requirements. 

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