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Film Catering

Film Crew Catering


If you are looking for experts in film crew catering, look no further than Roasted Catering for the best in creative and professional services. We take pride in the efficiency of our film crew catering service, with years of collective experience serving our contemporary menus on film shoots across the country. From incredibly rural sets to hectic film studios, there’s no part of the industry we haven’t conquered. Our menus are brimming with flavour, inspired by traditional classics and modern favourites. When it comes to film crew catering, we’ve got cuisine that fits any genre. If you’re in need of a film crew catering service that’s reliable, accommodating and an instant hit with all those involved on the project, there’s no more suitable company than Roasted Catering.

Specialists in film crew catering

Roasted Catering are specialists in film crew catering. We understand that filmmaking isn’t always a walk in the park; tension can run high and leisurely time on set can be fleeting. A hassle-free catering solution can be the trump card that saves the cast and crew from falling into a monotonous rut. That’s why, as a matter of preference, we opt for a no-agency staff approach. Instead, We aim to keep our service as familiar and personal as possible. We've built a team of friendly faces that can get to know your requirements, and tailor services to fit your needs. Whatever the call time, production budget or location, our team is ready to take on the challenge and are here to serve you with delicious options all day long.

Why Choose our film crew catering Service?

We’ve served our inspired menus to some of the leading names in the industry, and delivered a quality service to film shoots of all scales over the years. We’ve worked hard to refine our services and listen to the needs of our busy clients. Our menus are creative and interesting, and we aim to find a balance between traditional classics and new modern twists. Our landrover woodfired ovens are ideal for setting up anywhere on your set, built to specification. Get in touch today, and arrange your tailored film crew catering service that is sure to keep a whole film set sufficiently fuelled, nourished and energised, all day long. 

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